McAlpine transforming Liverpool Street the Broadgate Estate

 Huge thanks to McAlpine Construction for all this access. Aready a great place to go it’s going to be a real national hotspot when completed.

For all of us.



Can’t resist the wonderful atrium (100LS/10)

The atrium in progress - would love it stay as it is. (100LS/11)

It’s going to be a show stopper - accessible to the public (100LS/12)

Overlooking Liverpool Street itself from level 8 or 9 (?) (100LS/13)

Overlooking the Broadgate arena - such a great place to go, to be incredible when McAlpine have finished (100LS/14)

Overlooking the South Eastern side of the Broadgate Arena (100LS/15)

The West side of the Arena (100LS/16)

The Broadgate Arena gone almost abstract! (100LS/17)

From level 9, (thankyou McAlpine’s Sam Lee) - looking through to 22 Bishopsgate & Tower 42 (100LS/18)