Number 22 Bishopsgate & the Leadenhall (Cheesegrater) buildings from the Gherkin (22BG/01)

The amazing Peter Murray of the NLA & much else, with the CombiSave net on the 27th floor of 22 Bishopsgate (22BG/02)

22 on the right (see the surveyor within) from 42 tower (22BG/03)

22 from Tower 42 (22BG/04)

22 - street level (22BG/05)

22 from Street level (22BG/06)

22 from Angel Court (22BG/07)

Site visit to 22 (22BG/08)

Site visit @22 (22BG/09)



the Multiplex cafe, the red & white beam is holding the crane outside (22BG/12)



The Start of 22 (22BG/15)