Robert McAlpine's amazing construction at 100 Loverpool Steet. It is completly re-shaping the site which also overlooks Broadgate. Town planning is now most minded to consider goodly places for people to work & relax. This was already a great  place to be - but it is going be one of of the most terrific places to work & spend time in London town.

to be the fabulous atrium (100LS/26)













from opposite Liverpool St station where Crossrail's Elizabeth line is to emerge. (100LS/39)


This whole street is to completely transform as we watch it this year (100LS/41)

Broadgate tower. An extraordinary new place to relax. This is the way its going to be on a huge scale all around the area. (100LS/42)

this view is already so spectacular now - it has other great buildings in the area sprouting behind it. (100LS/43)

What a time to see the old & the new amongst each other. (100LS/44)

The Broadgate arena itself, already fun to even visit. It will be such a hub of activity all types. (100LS/45)